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Professional Floor Tiler in Glasgow

Need new flooring in Glasgow? Have you considered tile? 

With it’s durability and how easy it is to clean, tile should always be considered when you’re trying to decide on new flooring. Tile is modern, hypoallergenic and lasts a lot longer than other methods of flooring. 

We can help to choose flooring tiles that suit your style and match your home perfectly.

Laminate vs Tile

  • Tile is more non-absorbent
  • Tile is easier to repair
  • Tile has a longer lifespan (75-100 years vs 15-25 years)
  • Scratch resistant and pet friendly


Tiled flooring is easy to clean, modern, hypoallergenic, stylish and there are hundreds (if not thousands) or styles to choose from, so you can definitely find something you love.

We will first make sure to prepare the area and then lay out the tiles with spacers to make sure everything is in the right place. After ensuring everything looks okay, we will begin to install the tiles.

More Information

I install uncoupling membrane to my floors to insure that no future cracks appear and prevent the tiles from moving. 

I can also give advice on grout maintenance. 

I use grout sealer to ensure your tiles last longer and they maintain their colour.